Hire Me

underwood51-2I am a writer of passion and purpose. I strive to consistently write with excellence and original style. My written compositions are an extension of my ongoing romp through the cosmos. I was a philosopher before I was a writer. The act of writing is a way of  unpacking the beauty and intricacy of the world. It is also a way of making the elements of life more useful and enjoyable by understanding them.

I derive fulfillment from the challenge of writing in different venues and styles. There are few types of writing that I won’t pursue. I have done journalism, inspirational writing, commentary and instructional writing. I have placed samples of each here. My favorite genre is true-life stories (although I write fiction as well), of which I have included my favorites.

I invite all inquiries and am open to any reasonable offer for my services. Because I write first for personal enjoyment, I might well accept a modest-paying job in consideration of the experience I stand to gain.

Reach out to me.

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