Thinking it Through

thinker_flickrDisclaimer: If you are offended by rational examination of cultural hot button issues, this article isn’t for you. This discussion is intended to ask simple questions as well as examine  preconceived ideas and practical outcomes associated with homosexual behavior. Keep in mind that God loves everyone and willingly condemns no one. The purpose is to show the way to better health, wisdom and harmony. Continue reading

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The New Racism

racismI’ve understood the new system for a number of years now, but I’ve never experienced it so directly. It might have been demoralizing, except for a few kind words of support from a person I’d never spoken to before. Continue reading

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What’s it Going to Take to Get Kate Brown Impeached?

BrownThis one ought to land in the record books somewhere. Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced Thursday she intends to sign into law a bill requiring insurers to provide free abortions for all Oregonians, including illegal immigrants, according to a July 6 Washington Times article. Continue reading

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Is the Affordable Care Act Affordable?

RepealThere has been quite a response as Republicans attempt to address various shortcomings of the Affordable Care Act. (Disclaimer: I’m strictly non-partisan and pretty much sour on both parties.) Amid the many complaints, The Oregonian put up a splashy headline on March 8: “Poor to Be Hit the Hardest.” Continue reading

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Help Stamp Out Racism ― Stop Talking About it

Racism HandIn case anyone wasn’t aware of how overwhelmingly racist America still is, MSN is promoting a story about a female university student from India who was walking past a frat house when, she claims, a white man leaned out the window and shouted, Continue reading

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Little Italy Restaurante

Little ItalyI sat down to dinner last December with two old friends. John, Richard and I chose Little Italy not only because we love the food but because John and I used to work for the Gialopsoses, who opened the restaurant in 1984. Having dinner there was an amazing experience. Visiting with our old friends and taking in the familiar sights and sounds and smells helped me to realize how much the family has grown on me since I left many years ago. Continue reading

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God Save Israel

Star-of-DavidI don’t know anyone who isn’t tired of watching the endless wars in the Middle East. The fighting there sends a ripple effect through the region and ultimately the whole world. In the end, everyone pays. But who is to blame? Is it the Jews or the Arabs who should be dealt with severely? We are often told that Israel is oppressing the Palestinians. But what is a “Palestinian”? Continue reading

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